Diet Meal Plan – What To Eat To Promote Weight Loss

DIET MEAL PLAN – Check out these sample meals and guides on food preparation to help you shed some pounds.

Losing weight is letting go of some of the foods we like such as carbs and others. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to eat bland to lose weight. You can definitely still enjoy your food as you go on a diet and here are some meal ideas.

High Protein Meals To Keep You Full, Promote Weight Loss

Here are some high protein meals to promote fullness and weight loss in a healthy way.

HIGH PROTEIN MEALS – To keep you full and fueled, high protein meals will save the day and at the same time, will also help you lose your excess pounds.

Protein is a very important macronutrient for muscle mass building. It is made up of hundreds and thousands of amino acids. Apart from building muscle mass, it also helps the body repair and makes new cells.

High Protein Meals
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And including protein in your diet plays a significant role, most especially in maintaining healthy body weight. Plant and animal sources of protein are:

  • meat and fish
  • eggs
  • dairy products
  • seeds and nuts
  • legumes like beans and lentils

Here are some meal ideas packed in protein:

  1. Vegetarian
    – overnight oats for breakfast along with vegan vanilla protein powder, and chia seeds
    – Poached egg Buddha bowls for lunch composed of wheat berries, poached eggs, and ricotta cheese along with Greek olives and cherry tomatoes
    – Lentil chili that has ground beef, turkey, or chicken
  2. High protein, low carb
    – omelette eggs which may be added with spinach, mushrooms, zucchini, and tomatoes just for some additional fiber, vitamins, and minerals
    – grilled salmon with avocado salsa on the side
    – chicken breasts stuffed with goat cheese and spinach
  3. Vegan
    – Chocolate chia protein pudding
    – vegan protein burrito to which the ingredients include avocado, cilantro, pico de gallo, and kale for healthy fat, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients the body needs.

According to Healthline’s article, meals that are packed with proteins will likely help you meet your daily protein needs while also leaving you full and satisfied.

For more food ideas, you may have a peanut butter sandwich (spread has no added salt or sugar), nuts and seeds in salads, beans in soups and pasta sauces, hummus and freshly-cut vegetable sticks, and many others.


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