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HYDRATING FOODS: Here Are Some Water-Rich Foods

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Eat your water! Here are some hydrating foods that you must know and must eat!

HYDRATING FOODS – To keep you hydrated, here are some of the foods rich in water that can also provide you a variety of nutrients.

What’s important for the general health is being hydrated by drinking a plenty amount of water. If dehydrated, it can cause fatigue, headaches, skin problems, muscle cramps, low blood pressure, and a rapid heart rate. In severe cases, it can lead to organ failure.

Now, to help you keep hydrated, you can actually eat your water which can also provide you other essential nutrients. Check out the list below and their water content:

  • Watermelon – 92%
  • Strawberries – 91%
  • Peaches – 89%
  • Oranges – 88%
  • Skim Milk – 91%
  • Cucumber – 95%
  • Lettuce – 96%
  • Zucchini – 94%
  • Celery – 95%
  • Plain Yogurt – 88%
  • Tomatoes – 94%
  • Bell Peppers – 92%
  • Cauliflower – 92%
  • Cabbage – 92%
  • Grapefruit – 88%
  • Coconut Water – 95%
  • Cottage Cheese – 80%
  • Spinach – 91%
  • Strawberries – 90%
  • Skim milk – 90%
  • Soy milk – 90%
  • Honeydew melon – 89%
  • Broccoli – 89%
  • Carrots – 88%
  • Oranges – 86%
  • Pineapple – 86%
  • Apples – 85%

In a previous post, hydration is really important and among the essential reasons are: regulating body temperature, keeping joints lubricated, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, keeping the organs function properly, and improve sleep quality, cognition, and mood. Experts recommend eight 8-ounce (237-mL) glasses of water in a day.

Also, if you have been doing the following, you will need to increase your water intake:

  • exercising and sweating
  • in a hot environment
  • have certain health conditions
  • pregnant or breastfeeding

Also, one famous benefit of water is that it can aid weight loss by speeding up your metabolic rate. Most effective is drinking a glass of water half an hour before your meal for it can make you feel more full leading to consuming fewer calories. Another important thing to note is keeping away from sweetened drinks when you want to keep yourself hydrated.


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