How To Soften Thick Phlegm? Doc Willie Ong Cites Some Ways

HOW TO SOFTEN THICK PHLEGM – One of the most irritating thing is to have thick phlegm that is hard to cough out but, don’t worry, Doctor Willie Ong has solutions to it.

While cough may not be a condition that could really keep you from working, it can be very irritating if you are on a meeting and you suddenly fell the thick phlegm inside you. You can excuse yourself for a while but if it is a thick phlegm, it may be hard to spit without anyone hearing you. Thus, many people want to know how to soften thick phlegm even before the situation demands you to move.

5 Ways To Ease Thick Phlegm According to Dr. Willie Ong

Dr. Willie Ong Gives Tips on How To Ease Thick Phlegm

WAYS TO EASE THICK PHLEGM – Doctor Willie Ong gave some tips on how to ease thick phlegm due to colds and cough.

Most especially during the changing of the season, a lot of people are suffering from colds and cough. That is why it is really advised to take vitamins and eat healthy to boost the immune system.

Although both colds and cough are common health conditions, they must not be taken for granted as they can both lead to other complications. A cough may further lead to a respiratory disease.

Usually, colds and cough do not leave right away because of thick phlegm. It is important to release your phlegm once you are suffering from them to clear your lungs and nasal passages.

It is hard to release the phlegm when it is thick. According to Dr. Willie Ong, there are five (5) ways to ease thick phlegm. Here is a list of what you can do:

1. Steam Inhalation. Put some warm water in a bowl, get a towel and use it as cover to inhale the steam.

2. Chest Clapping. Form your hands like cups and softly clap it on your chest and back. Do not apply too much force but not too light as well.

3. Positional Changes. Try changing positions to move the phlegm. Do it every five (5) minutes.

4. Take Warm Drinks. Also one of the ways to ease thick phlegm is to drink something warm like water or tea.

5. Take Medicine. Based on the post, there are really cases when a medicine is needed most especially when you have yellowish phlegm which indicates bacteria. You may visit a doctor.

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