Health Tips: Types Of Vitamins and Its Importance To The Body

Here are some health tips about the types and importance of vitamins in the body.

HEALTH TIPS – These are the various types of vitamins and the importance of this nutrient to essential functions of the body.

Vitamin deficiency can cause certain health problems. And one way to monitor and get enough of it is knowing its different types and their roles to the body.

Health Tips

Check out the various types of vitamins and its respective importance to the body:

  • Fat soluble:
      • to form and maintain healthy teeth, bones, soft tissue, mucous membranes, and skin
      • this also called as the “sunshine vitamin” because basically, the main source is sun which is important for the body to absorb calcium
      • is also known as tocopherol important for the body to form red blood cells and use vitamin K
      • this is important for the the blood to stick together or coagulate
  • Water soluble
    • VITAMIN B-1 (thiamine)
      • this help the body turn carbohydrates into energy
    • VITAMIN B-12 (cyanocobalamin)
      • this plays great role in metabolism, formation of red blood cells, and maintain the central nervous system
    • VITAMIN B-6
      • also called as pyridoxine which helps in forming red blood cells and maintain brain function
    • VITAMIN B-2 (riboflavin)
      • this is important for body growth and the production of red blood cells
    • VITAMIN B-5 (pantothenic acid)
      • this is important for metabolism and production of hormones of cholesterol
    • VITAMIN B-3 (niacin)
      • this helps to maintain healthy skin and nerves
    • VITAMIN B-9 (folate, folic acid)
      • this works with vitamin B12 to form red blood cell and is needed for the production of DNA
    • VITAMIN B-7 (biotin)
      • this is for metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates
      • also known as called ascorbic acid which helps promote healthy teeth and gums, wound healing, iron absorption, and maintain healthy tissue as per article from MedLine plus


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