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VITAMIN DEFICIENCY – Doc Willie Ong Cites Signs Showing You Need Vitamins

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Doc Willie Ong Cites Signs Showing Vitamin Deficiency

VITAMIN DEFICIENCY – Doctor Willie Ong cited the signs showing that you may be lacking a specific vitamin and how to address it.

Most of the time, we tend to take for granted the required vitamin in-take of the body. That usually happens because not everyone is aware of the signs showing that the body may be lacking a certain vitamin.

Although vitamin deficiency is not very alarming, it can hamper the body from performing at its best. Also, it may increase the risk of certain diseases and health conditions which everyone surely want to avoid.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, doctor Willie Ong talked about vitamin deficiency. He cited the signs showing that the body is lacking a certain vitamin.

Having brittle, ridge, discolored nails…

Dr. Willie Ong cited that this sign shows the body needs more of biotin. It can be taken from food such as peanut, yogurt, egg yolk, pechay, carrots, milk, beef, broccoli, potato, banana, fish, and spinach.

Weakness, tiredness, nosebleed, poor healing, dry skin…

According to Doc Willie, these are indications of a deficiency in Vitamin C. Shortness of breath, nerve problem, split ends, and swelling of the gums are also signs that the body needs more Vitamin C. It can be obtained from fruits and vegetables.

Blurry eyes at night…

Having blurry eyes at night is a sign that the body is deficient from Vitamin A. It can be addressed through eating sweet potatoes, carrots, papaya, and squash.

Hair fall…

Based on the video, hair fall indicates that you need more of food rich in Vitamin Bs, zinc, and iron. You can get Vitamin B3 or niacin from broccoli, peanuts, chicken, and mushrooms while tomatoes, carrots, salmon, eggs, almonds, and onion are excellent sources of Vitamin B7.

5 Senyales Kulang Ka sa Bitamina

5 Senyales Kulang Ka sa Bitamina at Masustansyang PagkainPayo ni Doc Willie Ong1. Kuko marupok – Pagkaing mataas sa Biotin kailangan.2. Singaw sa bibig – Pagkaing mataas sa Vitamin Bs at Iron.3. Dumudugo ang galagid – Pagkaing mayaman sa Vitamin C.4. Malabo mata sa gabi – Pagkaing mataas sa Vitamin A.5. Buhok nalalagas – Pagkaing mataas sa Iron, Zinc at Vitamin Bs.Panoorin ang Paliwanag:

Posted by Doc Willie Ong on Wednesday, July 31, 2019

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