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HEALTH TIPS – Shape & Color Of Stools Say Something About Your Health

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Some health tips about the shape and color of your stools indicating something about your health.

HEALTH TIPS – The shape and color of your stools say something about your health condition and determine certain illnesses.

This is a bit gross but stools play an important role. This waste, just like urine, also serves as a window in terms of our health condition most especially of your digestive health. Conditions and illnesses is determined through color, shape and texture.

Health Tips
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Thus, check out details below and be informed:

Based on color:

  • Brown – This is a normal color for stools.
  • Green – This results after one always eats green leafy vegetables, indicates diarrhea, or due to rapid transit.
  • Black – This could be because of taking iron supplements which is normal or shows that there’s a bleeding in the stomach or the upper part of the small intestine. There’s a possibility that you have ulcer.
  • Yellow – If it is yellow and really smelly, this is because of malabsorption disorder or foods you consumed were not digested properly. This occurs to those who have Celiac disease.
  • White – This is the sign that you have a problem with your pancreas either pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer. This could also indicate biliary obstruction.
  • Red – This is due to bleeding which can indicate hemorrhoids or an early warning sign of color cancer.

Based on shape:

  1. Separate hard lumps – very constipated and this is painful to pass
  2. Lumpy and sausage like – slightly constipated and this is also hard to pass
  3. Sausage shape with cracks – normal, this is a sign of healthy stool and easy to pass on
  4. Smooth, soft sausage – normal, same with number three, this shape remains intact when being flushed
  5. Soft blobs with clear-cut edges – lacking fiber, this is a sign of diarrhea and the same goes to 6 and 7
  6. Mushy consistency with ragged edges – inflammation
  7. Liquid consistency with no solid pieces – inflammation

Watch the video below:


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