FOOD HIGH IN URIC ACID – 5 Food You Must Avoid To Prevent Joint Pain

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List of 8 Food High in Uric Acid So You Must Avoid To Prevent Painful Joints

FOOD HIGH IN URIC ACID – Here is a guide on the five (5) food that you must avoid to prevent joint pain.

One of the health conditions that many people are suffering from is gout or gouty arthritis. It is characterized by a painful inflammation in the joints which usually bears a sudden attack.

Food High in Uric Acid
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Gout or swollen joints is caused when the uric acid which is produced by the body from the purines in the food you are eating is too much. There are really food that can trigger gouty arthritis.

Based on an article on Right Home Remedies, there are at least eight (8) food that are high in uric acid. Here is a list of the food you must avoid to prevent joint pains:

1. Sunflower Seeds

These seeds include purine thus you must really avoid it or, at least, lessen the amount of seeds you are taking. Undeniably, a lo of people like this kind of seed as snack.

2. Seafood

Based on the article, most fishes contain purine. Those that can really enhance the level of purine include anchovies, tuna, codfish, and sardines.

3. Soda

Soda or softdrinks is really bad for the health. Drinking it may not only increase your uric acid but as well as lead to diabetes.

4. Red Meat

Red meat are the most popular food that can increase the uric acid level. Based on the article, studies show that people who eat lamp eat are prone to joint pains.

5. Organ Meat

Organ meat such as heart, kidneys, and liver among others are high in purine. It is important to lessen or regulate your intake of such food that is high in uric acid to prevent painful joints.

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