Burpees – What Is Burpees Exercise & Its Benefits, How To Do A Burpee

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A guide to doing burpees and what are the benefits of this exercise.

BURPEES – The health benefits of burpees and the proper way of doing this kind of exercise that you must definitely include in your workout routine.

Being physically active along with healthy eating and having a positive outlook in life goes a long way. These three factors are among the key to becoming a better, healthier, and happier person.

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Adults are suggested to exercise for 150 minutes a week consisting of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week. If you are planning to work out five days per week and have been wanting to do strength and cardiovascular fitness, you might want to follow this formula: three (3) days of strength training, two (2) days of cardio, and two (2) days of active rest.

And a famous form of exercise that is said to be among the best to intensely burn calories is doing burpees. Many people have a love-hate relationship with a burpee. It burns a great number of calories because your total body is moving. Every part of your body is working hard.

CrossFit athlete Eugene Babenko said that doing 20 burpees is equivalent to “20 air squats, 20 push-ups, and 20 jumping jacks”.

Here’s how to do a burpee:

  1. Squat then place both your hands on the floor.
  2. Jump both feet back until you make a plank position.
  3. Drop by doing a push-up.
  4. Jump in with your feet again to a squat position with your hands still on the floor.
  5. And finally, jump up with your head clapping right above your head.

Burpees target both – a bodyweight exercise that is making you move in a full range of motion while working tons of muscles and a challenge to your cardiovascular fitness. Plus, it doesn’t require you any special equipment to do this. What you just need is a space to do the movements which make this exercise convenient, versatile, and effective for burning fats.

Here are some benefits of this according to a blog from Healthline:

  • Effectively burns calories. Doing burpees in a minute can burn 10 of a 125-pound person, 12.5 to a 155-pound person, and 15 to a 185-pound person.
  • It is a calisthenics exercise which means it is a full-body workout.
  • An intense exercise that can improve your cardio and burn fat at the same time. As much as many are aware, cardio workouts offer a wide array of benefits like a stronger heart and lungs and lower levels of blood pressure and cholesterol.


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