Intimacy – What Is Intimacy, Examples Of Intimacy

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What is the meaning of intimacy, and some of its examples?

INTIMACY – This is the meaning of intimacy, being intimate in a relationship, and some examples of this that you probably don’t know yet.

Collins Dictionary defined intimacy as “the state of being intimate” or “a close, familiar, and usually affectionate, or loving personal relationship with another person or group”. The Oxford English Dictionary stated that it is the “inmost thoughts or feelings; proceeding from, concerning, or affecting one’s inmost self: closely personal”.

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Being in a relationship, the act of being intimate with each other is so special and is needed in order to strengthen the love as the foundation of it. In a sense, being intimate is a gesture that creates a deeper connection and openness.

It is accomplished with trust and once this is established, the connection that was built can lead to increased cooperation and even better and more satisfying lovemaking. According to a study by Hana Yoo, couples report “high levels of relationship satisfaction when they feel intimate with each other.”

Being intimate can be shown in various ways. It could be emotional, intellectual, experiential, and spiritual. It’s not just merely about being sexual. The mentioned ones are nonphysical types of being intimate to keep your relationship healthy.

Be engaged not just physically. Establish truthful communication and this way, you may understand your partner even more and build an intangible feeling of closeness. One must also understand that intimacy isn’t just purely for a romantic relationship, it does exist as well in other types of relationships and the lack thereof may lead to isolation.

According to a blog from Healthline, the key factor of this are:

  • Trust (you surely can’t share your deepest secrets with a person you don’t trust)
  • Acceptance (there’s no essence in being intimate if you don’t accept a person for who he or she really is and with that being said, it also includes embracing the flaws)
  • Honesty (without honesty, there will be no space to trust)
  • Safety (this is the feeling of being secure and safe to tell a person your story and be who you truly are in front of them without being embarrassed about it and without thinking that you will be disliked for being true)
  • Compassion (caring and being cared for are among the components of understanding)
  • Affection (this is showing that you care)
  • Communication (this is an essential key to a healthy relationship)


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