Acidic Foods – Knowing What To Limit and What To Avoid

Acidic Foods

Here’s a list of some acidic foods and their acidity level. ACIDIC FOODS – If you have some problems with acidity, here are some foods that are acidic that you must avoid or limit taking. The acid level of foods is determined by their pH value. The values fall between 0 and 14 where the … Read more

Corn Salad – Recipe and Ingredients Needed For This Dish

Corn Salad

What do you need to make a corn salad? Here’s a sample recipe. CORN SALAD – Here’s a sample recipe for a refreshing and healthy corn salad, an all-time favorite summer side. In a previous post, corn is an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It has a number of vitamins like vitamin … Read more

Whole Wheat Bread Calories and Benefits

Whole Wheat Bread Calories

WHOLE WHEAT BREAD CALORIES – Wheat is a cereal grain commonly used and this is the calories found in a piece of whole wheat bread. Eating whole grains instead of refined grains provides lots of benefits to health and eating a piece of whole wheat bread is a nutritious addition to a well-rounded diet. It … Read more

Vegetable Salad Ingredients and Procedure

Vegetable Salad Ingredients

VEGETABLE SALAD INGREDIENTS – These are the ingredients and a simple procedure to follow in making a vegetable salad. A bowl of refreshing vegetable salad is made of different kinds of vegetables and you can pretty much have the freedom to use whatever you like. But the tomatoes and cucumbers make it taste great. Here’s a … Read more

Probiotic Foods For Better Health

Probiotic Foods

PROBIOTIC FOODS – These are the foods that are rich in probiotics that are linked to better health. Find out what these food are below. Adding probiotics to your diet is essential. Foods that have probiotics have beneficial bacteria. These probiotics can provide a wide range of health benefits like improved digestive health and heart … Read more

Eating Too Many Eggs? These Are The Alarming Side Effects

Eating Too Many Eggs

What will happen if someone is eating too many eggs? Here are the bad effects. EATING TOO MANY EGGS – These are the alarming and dangerous side effects if you consume eggs in excessive amounts. Among the many benefits of eating eggs include: However, eating too much of anything, including eggs, can have side effects … Read more

Kani Salad – Is This Healthy and How To Make This Salad

Kani Salad

These are the ingredients of Kani Salad and some tips on how to make a healthier version of this. KANI SALAD – The Japanese version of crab salad is Kani Salad, a simple yet refreshing dish with a crunchy texture and seafood flavor. Typically served as an appetizer is the Kani Salad, a popular Japanese salad … Read more

Tablea Chocolate – Everything About Filipino Chocolate

Tablea Chocolate

How to make the perfect drink from tablea chocolate? Here are some things to know about this. TABLEA CHOCOLATE – We have all heard tablea, a ball of ground-up cacao beans to make traditional Filipino chocolate. Here are some details about this. We all love a chocolate drink – may it be hot or cold. … Read more