Feeling Groggy in the Morning? Here Are Some Ways to Avoid It

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Tips To Prevent Feeling Groggy Upon Waking Up

FEELING GROGGY – Are you always having that groggy feeling upon waking up in the morning or in any part of the day? You can actually avoid it.

One of the best armors for an unexplainably-great day is a quality sleep. Adequate rest and the quality of your sleep may really affect your performance the entire day.

The recommended sleeping hours is at least six (6) hours for adults. The best length is up to eight (8) hours of sleep – referring to undisrupted sleep.

However, there is another thing that many people usually struggle with – feeling groggy in the morning or upon waking up at any time of the day.

Feeling Groggy
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Are you one of those people who are usually feeling groggy in the morning? There are actually things you can do to at least avoid the said uncomfortable feeling.

  • Don’t hit snooze at all.
    • Many people rely to an alarm clock for their wake up schedule. This is usually true among student and employees or anyone who has an appointment set for the next day. Undeniably, you feel secured when had the alarm set that sometimes the quality of your sleep is so good that waking up means another snooze to the clock.
    • Based on an article on HealthLine, it is best to try the 90-minute sleep cycle in case you usually hit snooze. Set an alarm 90 minutes before you actually have to get off the bed so you can sleep again and get a full sleep cycle for 90 minutes before the next alarm.
  • Drink water.
    • Also called as sleep fatigue, it can also be indicating dehydration. Drink a glass of water upon waking up.
  • Stretch out your body.
    • Your muscles may be paralyzed during your sleep thus it is best to do some stretching to release some endorphins that will stimulate your energy.
  • Get a good breakfast.
    • Make sure that your breakfast can increase your energy for the entire day and fight fatigue. Based on the article, it is best to include nuts, whole grains, and fruits that are low in sugar.
  • Address your stress.
    • There is a possibility that feeling groggy is because of an internal stress over your environment or a problem. It is best to identify it and address it.

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