How To Prevent Monkeypox Infection: List of What You Must Do

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Guide on How To Prevent Monkeypox Infection amid the Global Health Emergency

HOW TO PREVENT MONKEYPOX – Here is a list of the things that you can do to avoid getting infected by the monkeypox virus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared monkeypox a global health emergency amid the growing cases of the disease in several countries. This disease which is similar to smallpox is already endemic in several nations before its global outbreak.

However, what caught the attention of the WHO is its growth in cases in countries where the disease is not endemic. Now, amid the ongoing fight against the COVID-19 pandemic which is “nowhere near over” according to the international health body, countries are fighting against the entry or spread of monkeypox.

How to prevent monkeypox infection? There are several ways to do it. The first move is to know how it is transmitted.

How To Prevent Monkeypox Infection
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Based on an article on Watsons, the following situations allow the transmission of monkeypox infection:

  • touching infectious rash, scabs, or body fluids
  • respiratory droplets like kissing or cough
  • touching the items used by patients with monkeypox

How to prevent monkeypox infection? Based on the article, here is a list of some of the ways to prevent contracting the disease:

  • Avoid direct contact with people and animals who are infected with the disease. Do not touch their rash nor share eating utensils with them as well. Also, avoid their beddings and other things they use.
  • Wash your hands with clean water and soap or a disinfectant hand sanitizer regularly.
  • Do not engage in any physical contact with someone who is sick with the disease.
  • All foods that contain animal meat must be cooked well.
  • Use a face mask.
  • Clean your belongings from time to time like your mobile phone with cleansing wipes. These things are usually placed in different surfaces.

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