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HAIR LOSS – Doc Liza Ong Explains Why We Experience Hair Loss

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Doc Liza Ong on reasons why some people experience hair loss.

HAIR LOSS – Doctor Liza Ong explains to us in their new video on what could be the probably on why some or most people experience hair loss.

Hormones are the usual factors why we suffer hair loss. The head has an infinite count of hair and it seemingly cannot be counted manually. Although we tend to suffer this condition, Doc Liza Ong explained to us the reasons why and some tips on how we should take care of our hair.

Here are some of the probable causes and reasons why a person is experiencing losing numerous strands of hair everyday:

  • After giving birth, 1 to three months after giving birth, the hair of a woman starts thinning and even the number of children you have given birth to affects it.
  • A woman also experiences hair loss once she stops using birth control pills.
  • Aging is also one reason why the hair starts thinning and losing.
  • Operations and getting general anesthesia also affects hair and will cause losing some strands.
  • People who lacks in protein such as those who undergo diet or malnourished will also suffer this condition.
  • Medicines such as blood thinners is also one factor that will result to hair loss.
  • Ring worm which causes patches in the head and and hair loss.
  • The habit of pulling and twirling hair also damages the strands.
  • Alopecia

Tips for hair:

  • Gentle brushing especially when wet
  • When putting on shampoo, massage the hair softly and gently so as to avoid damage
  • Never tie your hair tightly
  • Avoid getting your scalp massaged
  • Avoid using chemical such as those for curling, hair dye, straightening, and among others
  • If the problem is on roots, avoid to have your hair in braid and tight ponytails
  • Right nutrition such as eating foods with Vitamin B6 (e.g. corn oil, olive oil, peanuts, cashew, pili nuts, soya milk, tofu, taho, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, peanut butter, watermelon), Vitamin B12 (e.g. eggs, cheese, milk, oysters, green leafy vegetables, papaya, corn,), proteins, beta karotine, zinc, and folate.
  • Use mild shampoo for dory hair
  • Make sure to wash hair thoroughly before putting shampoo and also rinse it well just the same.

Watch the video below:


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