High Protein Fruits – What Are The Fruits With Most Protein?

A list of some high protein fruits. Getting protein from fruits!

HIGH PROTEIN FRUITS – Here are some of the high protein fruits which must be added to your diet. Check out below!

Protein is an essential nutrient needed by the body in order to stay healthy. Lack of protein or protein deficiency may lead to serious health conditions like edema or swelling, mood changes, hair, nail, and skin problems, fatigue, and among others.

The recommended daily intake of this nutrient is:

  • Children under 4: 13 grams
  • Children age 4 to 8: 19 grams
  • Children age 9 to 13: 34 grams
  • Women and girls ages 14 and over: 46 grams
  • Boys age 14 to 18: 52 grams
  • Men ages 19 and over: 56 grams
High Protein Fruits
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And we can’t only find protein in meat alone and eggs because there are several fruits out there that are abundant in this nutrient. Fruits are surely not the first ones in your mind as a great source but it is and here are some!

  • Guava – 4.2 grams in every cup
  • Avocado – 3 grams in every cup of sliced or cubed packs and 4.6 grams if mashed
  • Jackfruit – 2.8 grams in every cup
  • Kiwi – 2 grams in every cup
  • Apricot – 2.3 grams in every cup of sliced apricots and 1.1 grams if dried
  • Blackberries and Raspberries – 2 grams in every cup
  • Raisins – 1 gram in every ounce
  • Banana – 1.3 grams from a medium banana
  • Grapefruit – 1.6 grams from a medium one
  • Oranges – 1.2 grams from one medium orange
  • Cherries – 1.6 grams in every cup

Meanwhile, according to a post from Eat This, Not That, among the high protein meats are bison, canned tuna, elk steak, chicken breast, salmon, turkey, beef liver, mackerel, beef steak, pork tenderloin, venison steak, shrimp, rabbit, and goat meat.


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