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Banana A Herb? Here’s the Truth Behind this Claim About Banana

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Guide on Claim that Banana Is A Herb and Not A Fruit

BANANA A HERB – Here are some details regarding the claim that banana is actually a herb and not a fruit.

One of the most popular fruits across the globe is banana. Many people like eating this fruit for the nutrients it carries and the fact that it is easy to find.

There are different kinds of banana. One is the Cavendish banana which is loved by Americans. In fact, based on an article in PBS, many people prefer it over apples and oranges.

One of the best things about banana is that it can be paired with other foods – like ice cream. It can also be an ingredient in cooking certain dishes.

Banana A Herb
Photo: MD Web

Banana is categorized as a fruit. However, there are also claims that banana is a herb and not a fruit. Have you encountered the said claim?

Based on the article, banana plant is a herb in a way that it is related to ginger. It also got a succulent stem and not a wood one that fruit trees usually are.

Banana is a herb and as well as a fruit. The yellow thing that people peel and eat is the fruit and it even contains seeds. Regardless of its complex nature, it is a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients.

This fruit is mainly known for its potassium content. Aside from it, you can get magnesium, copper, manganese, fiber, and Vitamins B6 and C from it.

Eating a banana is one excellent way to lower the blood pressure level with its potassium content. It is also recommended to people who are experiencing loose bowel movement with its pectin, water-soluble fiber, content.

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