Water in Plastic Bottles? Here’s Why You Should Stop from using these Containers

WATER IN PLASTIC BOTTLES – Doctor Willie Ong cited some reasons on why you should refrain from using plastic bottles as containers.

Are you one of those people who store your water in plastic bottles that are kept inside the fridge or just anywhere at home? While most mineral waters are sold in plastic bottles, there are some risks that you should remember if you keep on using these containers at home.

Plastic Bottled Water – Dr. Willie Ong Reveals Effects of Drinking From Plastic Bottle

Effects of Plastic Bottled Water to the Body According to Dr. Willie Ong

PLASTIC BOTTLED WATER – Doctor Willie Ong revealed the effects of drinking water from a plastic bottle.

Undeniably, not everyone is fond of bringing tumblers or water containers everywhere. Some would even consider buying water in a plastic bottle during trips for the convenience it brings and its weight is lesser than that of a tumbler.

Are you one of those who would usually buy water in a plastic bottle than bring along a tumbler? Do you practice at home keeping these plastic bottles and using them as the containers of water put inside the fridge?

Undeniably, it is convenient to use this plastic bottles as water containers at home. However, it may not be beneficial for the body. It is no secret to the public that using plastic bottled water containers or even those we get after we drink sodas got negative effects as they are processed with chemicals.

In a video, Dr. Willie Ong cited two (2) of the negative effects we can get from drinking plastic bottled water. It may vary depending on the gender of the person.

  • For females, your menstrual period may arrive early than it is ought to.
  • For males, you may develop breasts.

According to Doc Willie, the plastic bottle should only be used once as re-using it may lead to the chemicals mixing with our drink. These chemicals may have negative effects on our endocrine system. Based on the video, it is also not advisable to put this plastic bottle under the heat.

If you are caught by a situation wherein the only option is water in a plastic bottle, choose the plastic bottle that has no Bisphenol A or BPA-free. The doctor reminded that the water inside a newly-opened bottle got no problem as the problem is the plastic.

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