Lump In the Body? Doc Willie Cites Cancer Indications & How To Check It

Doc Willie Ong Shares How To Check on Lump in the Body w/c May Be An Indication of Cancer

LUMP IN THE BODY – Through a video, doctor Willie Ong explained the possible indications of cancer which may include lumps and how to check it.

Unfortunately, a lot of people discover that they have cancer at a later stage already. Late diagnosis decreases the chance of treatment and recovery of the patient. Thus, it is really important to know the ways on how to check our bodies.

Cancer has become more rampant nowadays. Do you know that a lump in the body can be an indication of the said serious health condition? Doc Willie Ong has willingly shared his knowledge about it and how to check for lumps.

According to Doc Willie, lump is a common sign of cancer. Women who have it in their breast must really go for a check-up as it may be an indication of something very serious. Lumps found in the muscle and the armpit area also require for urgent medical attention.

The doctor cited that if lumps are found in the face or neck, the patient must see an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor. Here are some tips on how to check for lumps in the different areas of the body:

  • Check on your whole body most especially the neck, the breast, the underarms, the stomach, and the muscles.
  • Check on the condition of the lump
    • If the lump is soft and seemed to be under the skin, it may not be indicating something serious
    • Lumps that are like the size of a golf ball should be checked by the doctor.

According to Doc Willie Ong, there is a type of cancer that can appear in various locations in the body. It is sarcoma. Thus, it is really important to check on the possibility of a lump in your body. Here is his video:

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