HEART ATTACK FIRST AID – Doc Willie Ong Reveals What To Do

Doc Willie Ong Lists Heart Attack First Aid

HEART ATTACK FIRST AID – Doctor Willie Ong revealed the initial steps that must be taken in case there is a person who is suffering from heart attack.

One of the health conditions that can happen unexpectedly to a person is heart attack. It may not exempt anyone regardless of age and gender although it is more common among those who are approaching 60s.

According to Doc Willie Ong, heart attack may also be due to a heart disease, hypertension or high blood pressure, or diabetes. One of the initial signs of a person suffering from heart attack is the Levine’s Sign – one of the fist is in the abdomen.

In the video, Doc Willie Ong revealed the heart attack first aid. It is best if we are aware about it as it is a very serious health condition that can take a life in just a few minutes if not given proper attention right away.

Heart Attack First Aid by Doc Willie Ong

  1. Call a doctor and prepare the car to bring the patient to the nearest hospital.
  2. Give the patient enough air to breathe by using a fan, an electric fan, or an air-conditioning unit. When heart attack happens, the oxygen in the heart of the patient is deficient.
  3. Let the patient sit in a comfortable chair.
  4. Loosen the clothes of the patient and as well as the necktie.
  5. Tell the patient to relax as you will take care of everything. He or she can close his or her eyes and relax for a while.
  6. Ask the patient to do “Deep and Slow Breathing” to relax himself or herself.
  7. If the patient has a maintenance for the heart, let him or her drink the medicine.
  8. In this post, it is also stated that you must take the blood pressure of the patient and monitor it.
  9. Rush the patient to the nearest emergency room.

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