Tips To Keep Lungs Healthy – Here are Some Things You Can Do

TIPS TO KEEP LUNGS HEALTHY – Here are some simple and easy things that you can do to keep your lungs healthy.

It is a whole lot better to exert an extra effort in keeping your body healthy more than just acting on it when you are starting to feel something wrong already. With regards to the lungs, there are tips to keep the lungs healthy and they are easy and simple that you can do them at home or anywhere.

Healthy Lungs – Here Are The Ways To Keep Your Lungs Healthy

What to do to keep healthy lungs? Doc Willie Ong shares something.

HEALTHY LUNGS – Here are some tips and ways you should do according to Doc Willie Ong in order to keep your lungs healthy.

Respiration or the process of gas exchange happens in the lungs. The process takes place when oxygen enters the blood and the waste gas also called as carbon dioxide leaves by breathing it out. This only basically shows that the lungs is the center of the respiratory (breathing) system.

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However, just like any organs in the body, lungs can get damaged if not well-taken cared of. Some known diseases of the lungs include asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and tuberculosis.

What to do to have healthy lungs? Proceed with the following tips below:

  • Stop smoking. Too much smoking causes lung cancer.
  • 2nd Hand smoking is just as dangerous. Avoid from persons who smoke around you because you are also likely to damage your lungs even if you are not a smoker.
  • Avoid smokes from cars and burning leaves or other trashes in front of your house.
  • Always wear face mask in order to avoid breathing in smoke from other cars. Wear helmet as well.
  • Be aware of your surrounding and the type of your work. Always wear something that will protect your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Avoid eating foods that you are allergic to. Or anything that you are allergic of.
  • Do exercises for your shoulders, neck, and chest for better circulation of air in your body.
  • Eat clean and eat healthy.

Based on the post, bacteria, viruses, mold, air pollution, chemicals, and stagnant indoor air are some of the reasons why you get respiratory illnesses. Another tip to improve your lung capacity is through a regular aerobic exercise, such as walking and jogging.


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