LIST: Normal Heart Rate Based on Age

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Guide on Normal Heart Rate Level Based on Age

NORMAL HEART AGE – Here is a guide on the normal rate of heartbeat per minute (bpm) based on a person’s age.

The body has its own warning signals when there is something wrong before a worse condition will take place. One of the ways to keep your body healthy is be aware when your body is functioning normally and when it is not.

By knowing when your body is not functioning normally, you can go to a doctor right away and be diagnosed so treatment can start when there is really something wrong. Also, it can prevent a more serious condition from occurring. Truth be told that many of those who suffered from cardiac arrest and stroke were not aware that they were already given signals prior to it.

One of the indicators of whether the body is well or not is the heart rate. Even if you are feeling okay, it is best to monitor your heartbeat and assure that you have a normal heart rate based on your age.

LIST: Normal Heart Rate Based on Age

While there are factors that can affect a heart rate, a resting heart rate is still one of the best indicators of a person’s health state. Thus, it is one of those that nurses take along with the vital signs. Based on an article on Forbes Health, citing American Heart Association, here is a guide on the target rate zone and the maximum heart rates based on a certain age:

Target Heart Rate Zone (50% to 85%):

  • 20 years old – 100 to 170 bpm
  • 30 years old – 95 to 162 bpm
  • 35 years old – 93 to 157 bpm
  • 40 years old – 90 to 153 bpm
  • 45 years old – 88 to 149 bpm
  • 50 years old – 85 to 145 bpm
  • 55 years old – 83 to 140 bpm
  • 60 years old – 80 to 136 bpm
  • 65 years old – 78 to 132 bpm
  • 70 years old – 75 to 128 bpm

Average Maximum Heart Rate (100%):

  • 20 years old – 200 bpm
  • 30 years old – 190 bpm
  • 35 years old – 185 bpm
  • 40 years old – 180 bpm
  • 45 years old – 175 bpm
  • 50 years old – 170 bpm
  • 55 years old – 165 bpm
  • 60 years old – 160 bpm
  • 65 years old – 155 bpm
  • 70 years old – 150 bpm

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