Meningococcemia Signs: This Disease Shows These Common Symptoms

MENINGOCOCCEMIA SIGNS – Some of the most serious health conditions like meningococcemia actually shows common symptoms.

One of the health conditions which is fatal is meningococcemia but one of the surprising things about it is that it may only exhibit signs that won’t alarm you at first. Thus, it is important to know these symptoms.

Meningococcemia – Dr. Willie Ong Explains Cause, Signs & Transmission

Dr. Willie Ong Cites Cause of Meningococcemia, Its Signs & How It Is Transmitted

MENINGOCOCCEMIA – Doctor Willie Ong explained the cause, signs, and transmission or how this very serious health condition can be passed on from one person to another.

All health conditions should not be taken for granted to prevent worse from coming to worst. In fact, there are those that can take a life within twenty four (24) hours so being careful with the body is really essential.

One of these health conditions or diseases that can take a life rapidly is meningococcemia. It is an infection of the blood. In the Philippines, several people this year were diagnosed to be suffering from it.

Based on a video of Dr. Willie Ong, meningococcemia is caused by a bacteria. It can be transmitted from one person to another person through air and body contact. That is why patients who are suffering from it are isolated.

When the bacteria settles in the brain of a person, it can lead to meningitis. It is characterized by headache and pain in the nape.

If the bacteria enters the blood of the person, it is called meningococcemia. Its symptoms include bruises, vomiting, and fever. Also, people who have it have trouble looking at bright surroundings and are drowsy or sleepy.

Based on the post, the said blood infection has a death rate of 20% to 40% while meningitis only has 3% to 10%. The bruises may be dark red and purple patches. For its treatment, there is the list:

  • highest safe dose of antibiotic (it must be given not later than 30 minutes)
  • hospital confinement
  • isolation

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