Gallstone Remedy: Doc Willie Ong Shares Natural Remedy To It

GALLSTONE REMEDY – Doctor Willie Ong shared the natural remedies for gallbladder stone, ulcer, and Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

Many people are suffering from gallbladder stone or gallstones. Some cases requires operation while other cases were healed by natural remedies and some medication. Do you want to know the gallstone remedy in natural processes?

Ulcer, Gallstone & UTI – Doc Willie Ong Reveals Natural Remedies

Doc Willie Ong Reveals Natural Remedies for Ulcer, Gallstone & UTI

ULCER, GALLSTONE & UTI – Doctor Willie Ong revealed the natural remedies for stomach ulcer, gallbladder stones, and urinary tract infection.

Undeniably, the three (3) conditions mentioned above are among the most common health conditions now. A lot of people are constantly suffering from stomach or abdominal pain due to the said conditions.

Are you one of those people with any of the conditions stated above? According to Doc Willie Ong, there are natural remedies to it. Most people do not like to turn to cures bought over-the-counter as they may have side effects – depending on the extent of the condition.

Through a video, Doc Willie Ong revealed the natural remedies to stomach ulcer, gallbladder stones or gallstones, and UTI. Here is a list of what you can do in case you are suffering from any of them:


  • Drink eight (8) to ten (10) glasses of water everyday to clean the stomach from acid
  • eat banana
  • eat crackers or bread to avoid getting hungry


  • avoid oily and fatty food
  • be on a low-fat diet


  • drink eight(8) to twelve(12) glasses of water everyday to clean the tract from infection and drive out the bacteria
  • do not drink a huge amount of water abruptly to avoid putting a heavy load on the heart
  • drink a glass of water before sleeping

Based on the video, Doc Willie clarified that those with UTI or kidney stones should not drink more than two(2) glasses of water in one drinking time. It can affect the heart.

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