DIABETES – Dr. Willie Ong Explains How To Read Blood Sugar Level

Dr. Willie Ong Talks About Diabetes, Cites Blood Sugar Level Ranges & the Indication of Each

DIABETES – Doctor Willie Ong explained how to read the different ranges of blood sugar level and the indication of every range.

Nowadays, a lot of people are suffering from diabetes, a health condition mainly characterized by having high blood sugar. It is the result of the inability of the body to make or use the insulin well.

This health condition can come from a family history and can also be acquired. In the case of the latter, it is usually the lifestyle of a person that is the main cause. People who are always fond of eating sweets are more prone to this disease.

One of the best ways to avoid getting diabetes is through monitoring your blood sugar level. In that way, you will know if there is a need for a change in your diet. Through a video, Dr. Willie Ong shared his knowledge on how to read the blood sugar level ranges.

According to Dr. Willie Ong, undergoing a blood test or a “fasting blood sugar” requires ten (10) hours of fasting prior to the test. With regards to the results, here are the blood sugar level ranges and the indications of each to know if you have diabetes:

  • 99 milligram per deciliter – normal
  • 100 to 126 milligram per deciliter – at risk of having diabetes
  • 126 milligram and above – you have diabetes

Based on the video, the said health condition got visible symptoms. Here is a list of the signs showing that you are suffering from it:

  • eating too much
  • always thirsty
  • urinating frequently
  • unintentional weight loss despite of eating habit
  • wounds don’t heal
  • numbness of hand and feet
  • impotence

Whether you are at risk for diabetes or not, or you already have the said health condition, you may consider the healthy tips given by Doc Willie. Here is a list of what you may do:

  • eat plenty of vegetables and fruits that are not too sweet
  • eat wheat bread
  • eat cereals
  • reduce your intake of dairy products like cheese and milk
  • reduce your meat intake
  • avoid softdrinks, butter, oil, cakes, sweet candies, and chocolates
  • avoid white rice, whip cream, pancakes, donut, French fries, bacon, and full cream milk

Based on the video, regular exercise is also needed in maintaining an ideal blood sugar level. Doc Willie advises the inclusion of five (5) minutes of warm up and five (5) minutes of cooling down.


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