Best Cure for High Blood: Here’s What Doc Willie Ong Revealed

Best Cure for High Blood

BEST CURE FOR HIGH BLOOD – Doctor Willie Ong spoke about the best remedies for high blood pressure which many people are suffering from. Many people now are hypertensive. Even the young individuals are suffering from high blood pressure problems and many people are on the search for the best cure for high blood. Doc … Read more

Signs Of Diabetes On Skin – Symptoms That Are Visible On Skin

Signs of Diabetes, Acanthosis Nigricans

Here are some serious signs of diabetes that are visible on the skin. SIGNS OF DIABETES – Skin-related problems that are linked to diabetes that people probably don’t know yet. Diabetes is a serious medical condition that needs to be managed. This kind of disease impairs the body’s function in processing blood glucose or blood … Read more

Diabetes Foods: Sweet Foods That A Diabetic Can Safely Eat

Diabetes Foods

Here are some sweet diabetes foods that can satisfy a diabetic person’s sweet tooth. DIABETES FOODS – These are some diabetes-friendly foods that diabetic people can safely indulge to without soaring your blood sugar level. Sweet and sugary foods have always had a complicated relationship with diabetic people. However, aside from sweets and sugar in … Read more

FRIED FOODS – Reasons To Stop Eating This & Diseases Linked

Fried Foods

Here are the reasons why you must avoid eating fried foods and the dangerous diseases being linked to this. FRIED FOODS – Some diseases being linked and associated to eating fried foods and reasons why you must stop consuming these. How we look from the outside is a reflection of what we put within which … Read more

Lower Blood Sugar Levels Naturally Through These Effective Tips

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Here are some tips to lower blood sugar levels naturally and effectively. LOWER BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS – Here are some easy and natural ways on how to lower you blood sugar levels to avoid further complications. High blood sugar levels, as much as we are aware of, is associated to certain dangerous health issues such … Read more

Doc Willie Ong Reveals and Explains Top 5 Disease Of Filipinos

Doc Willie Ong

Below are the top 5 diseases of Filipinos according to Doc Willie and here’s an explanation to this. DOC WILLIE ONG – The list below are the top diseases as per Doc Willie Ong which are also considered as leading causes of death of Filipinos. According to Department of Health, the following conditions and health problems … Read more