CHEST PAIN CAUSES – Dr. Willie Ong Cites Cause Based On Type of Pain

Dr. Willie Ong Explains Chest Pain Causes Based on Type of Pain

CHEST PAIN CAUSES – Doctor Willie Ong cited the cause of a chest pain based on the type of pain that a person is suffering from.

Undeniably, one of the health conditions that alarm people and make them think about shifting to a healthy lifestyle is chest pain. Upon experiencing it, many think that they may be having heart diseases that can further lead to heart attack.

Chest pain is common among a lot of people – young, those in the middle age, and old individuals. It is a wonderful move to shift to a healthy lifestyle whether you are experiencing it or not. However, it is also best to know that a chest pain does not directly mean you are having a heart disease.

That is what Dr. Willie Ong explained in a video. He cited the chest pain causes based the type of pain experienced by a person.

1. Pricking Pain

According to Doc Willie, this is not coming from the heart. The doctor stressed that it is benign and not harmful.

2. Associated with breathing

There are times that the pain gets worst as you exhale. Doc Willie said that it is not related to a heart disease and it is a muscle strain.

3. Point with one finger

If you can point where the pain is coming from with one finger, it is not from the heart. According to Doc Willie, the pain coming from the heart cannot be pointed with one finger.

4. Pain occurs either for seconds or for hours

If the chest pain lasts for seconds or for hours, it is not harmful and it is not coming from the heart. Based on the video, the pain that is usually related to a heart disease lasts between five(5) to fifteen(15) minutes only.

5. If you have a heart problem history or diabetes

Doc Willie Ong said in a video that if you have a history of a heart problem or you have diabetes, the chest pain may be related to a heart disease. Here is a video of the chest pain causes based on the type of pain:

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