Kinds Of Cheese – What Are The Different Kinds?

KINDS OF CHEESE – Most of us love cheese and cheeses come in several varieties. Here are its kinds and types including the benefits.

Blue, hard, pasta filata, processed, semi-hard, semi-soft, soft and fresh, and soft-ripened are the varieties of cheeses. The types and kinds of cheese are listed by firmness and moisture levels and they differ from each other based on characteristics like which type of animal supplies the milk. See some details here!

Cheese – What Are Its Different Types and Health Benefits

These are the different types of cheese including their benefits to health.

CHEESE – Here are some things to know about cheese: its different types and the various benefits it can bring to the body.

As much as many are aware, cheese is one great source of calcium, protein, phosphorus, vitamin B12, and vitamin A. But the nutrient contents may vary depending on the type and texture.

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Take a look at the data below:

an ounce of hard ones has:half-cup of soft ones has:
120 calories
8 grams (g) of protein
6 g saturated fat
180 milligrams (mg) of calcium
120 calories
14 g protein
3 g saturated fat
80 mg of calcium

There are thousands of types and although it has a high amount of sodium and fat, the good benefits it has may outweigh the said disadvantages.

Given the nutrients that it has, the benefits a person can get from eating this range from many aspects. It can help improve bone health, dental health, blood pressure, cardiovascular health, healthy gut bacteria, weight, brain health, and others.

Meanwhile, according to a post from Harvard, it has three main components: milk, a coagulant, and bacterial cultures. The milk comes from cows, sheep, goats, buffalo, or a blend of these types of milk. And the reason why some types of this have a stinky smell is because of the bacteria needed for these to age.

The bacteria affect the smell, flavor, and texture.

The one from the cow’s milk is rich and buttery while the one from goat’s milk has a sharp tang. The type from the sheep tends to have a mild nutty flavor.

As for the texture, here’s a guide to different types:

  • hard, granular, crumbly
    pecorino, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Grana Padano, manchego, aged Gouda, Asiago, aged cheddar
  • semi-hard
    mild cheddar, Colby, Gouda
  • semi-soft
    haloumi, chevre or goat, baby Swiss
  • soft 
    Brie, Camembert, cottage, feta, farmer, Gorgonzola, fresh mozzarella, ricotta


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