Tricep Stretches – What Are The Tricep Stretching Exercises and Its Benefits?

Here are some tricep stretches and exercises and some of their benefits.

TRICEP STRETCHES – These are some tricep stretches and exercises to loosen up and work the large muscles of the arms.

To target and work out the triceps brachii muscles on the backs of your arms, you should be doing some tricep stretches. These are designed to aid you in doing cardio and weightlifting exercises and for muscle recovery after a workout as well.

Tricep Stretches
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Here are some pre-workout stretches:

  • Triceps Extension With a Band – use a resistance band to engage the triceps and you must hold this for 30 seconds.
  • Tricep Pulldowns – use a resistance band and execute for 30 seconds.
  • Towel Triceps Stretch – using a towel may require a higher intensity workout because this is not elastic.
  • Chair Tricep Stretch – this engages the triceps, delts, pectorals, and lats. Do this for three sets of 10 reps.
  • Standing Arm Swings – this engages the core and keeps your neck, spine, and back straight.

Here are some post-workout stretches:

  • Overhead Triceps Stretch – you can either stand or sit while doing this.
  • Leaning Tricep Stretch – this is pretty simple and requires no equipment.
  • Standing Bench Triceps Stretches – hold this for 30 seconds to work out your triceps.
  • Horizontal Arm Stretches – this primarily targets the triceps and benefits secondary muscles like deltoids and pectorals.

According to a blog from Master Class, among the benefits of doing this include increased flexibility and improved range of motion in the upper body. This type of stretch can also enhance blood flow and improve the overall arm and shoulder health.

To avoid injury and safely work out, make sure to do proper forms and techniques. Listen to your body. The moment you feel pain or discomfort, stop doing it.


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