White Discharge In Women: What Does This Incident Indicates

This is what a white discharge in women means and what they should do about it.

WHITE DISCHARGE IN WOMEN – Experiencing discharge is just a normal occurrence and here’s what it means when what has gotten out is in color white.

The occurrence of discharge in a woman is normal. There are different types of this and they are categorized based on color and consistency. An abnormal discharge comes in colors of maybe yellow or green that is chunky in consistency or has a foul smell.

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White Discharge In Women
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It also serves an important function such as carrying away dead cells and bacteria. This helps the area maintain cleanliness and prevent the development of infection. Normally, the color ranges from clear to milky-ish.

When you are “turned on”, ovulating, or breastfeeding, there will be more in the amount and the smell will change if you’re letting the proper hygiene just slide. Also, it is important to see the doctor once you see that there are some abnormal colors or changes that appear. It comes with itching and burning most especially. This can possibly indicate an early warning sign of an infection.

Check out below the meaning of white discharge:

  • White – This is normal. It happens during the end or beginning of your cycle. What is not normal if it comes with itchiness and appears to be thick or cottage cheese-like. Such could be a sign of yeast infection.
  • Clear and watery – This is just perfectly normal.
  • Clear and stretchy – This is still normal. It comes with stretchy and mucous-like discharge but still a normal type as it only indicates that you are ovulating as per an article from Healthline.


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