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Belly Fat Causes – Worst Habits To Avoid and How To Lose It

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Here are some belly fat causes you should know and must avoid doing.

BELLY FAT CAUSES – Some bad habits you do candidly that can make your waistline expand and increase belly fat.

Can’t zip up your old pants anymore? Your favorite shirt that’s used to be loose when you wear, now stretches the lengths just to fit you? This could be because of the increased fats in your belly which causes the expansion in your waistline.

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Belly Fat Causes
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Belly fats are not really that pleasant to the eyes. It can ruin an OOTD and above the physical effects, it also poses health risks. Your weight can be determined through three factors: how many calories you consumed, how many calories you have burned, and your age.

If you ate too much but your body receives little to no exercise, you will likely develop belly fat and have excess weight. Also, most women suffer from this as they get older.

Now, here are some habits you must avoid to prevent the increasing fats in the belly:

  • Distracted eating will likely result to unmindful eating and overeating. If you pay attention to eating alone, you’ll be more conscious of what you eat and how much you’ve eaten.
  • Eating quickly tends to result in overeating. The brain can process that the body is already full in 20 minutes. Eat slowly to eat fewer amount of calories.
  • Poor sleep – Not getting the right amount of sleep will increase fats in the belly.
  • Eating late. Don’t eat late. But if you’re really hungry, settle for foods that are easy to digest to give your body an easy time digesting them.
  • Avoid eating white foods like bread, rice, and pasta. They have whole grain alternatives which are healthier.
  • Smoking not just generally bad but it can also make you gain weight.
  • Skipping exercises. It is highly suggested to do 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activities. This will help you burn off the fats as per an article from WebMD.

There are a lot of reasons why you are gaining weight such as poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress. However, you can help yourself improve in this aspect by taking the right nutrition, increasing activity, and making some better lifestyle changes.


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