Effects of Mobile Phone on Your Health? Here’s What You Should Know…

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List of Effects of Mobile Phone on Your Health thus You Must Manage Its Use

EFFECTS OF MOBILE PHONE ON YOUR HEALTH – Here are some of the ways how using a cellphone actually affects your health.

Most people nowadays can hardly live comfortably even just for a day without their cell phones. Truth be told that a lot of things that are needed on a daily basis are packed in these small gadgets. They undeniably make a lot of things easier.

Effects of Mobile Phone on Your Health

However, on the other side, there are effects of mobile phone on your health. Too much dependence on it can actually cost you a lot more than vision problems.

What are the effects of mobile phone on your health? Based on an article on Cosmopolitan, here are some of the possible effects of too much dependence and usage of cellphones:

  • It strains the eyes. When you are using your mobile phone for hours, you will blink less and it may lead to eyestrain. It may also cause you headaches and blurred vision.
  • It can cause depression. Studies found that seeing “everyone looking happy and successful” can lead to “unhealthy and inaccurate comparisons”.
  • You may develop nomophobia. Based on the article, using your mobile phone for hours can trigger the fear you get when don’t have it in your hand. It can make you think that you are not safe without it.
  • Too much use of your phone can dull your memory. This small gadget offers a lot that many things seem easy – you don’t have to memorize phone numbers, important events, or write things down. However, such convenience may also dull your memory.
  • It can affect your self-esteem. Based on the article, most people filter and only show the best parts of their lives online. This can bother your unfiltered reality.
  • It hampers the growth of your social skills. Instead of interacting with other people in social situations, many people tend to focus on their phones and it can affect the growth of your social skills.

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