Cold Water Vs. Hot Water Benefits in Taking a Bath – What You Need To Know

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Guide on Cold Water Vs. Hot Water Benefits during Bath

COLD WATER VS. HOT WATER – Here is a guide on the benefits that taking a bath using these water temperatures can bring the body.

Taking a full bath at least once a day is one of the ways to maintain proper hygiene and keep the body healthy. Most people take a full bath in the morning before they go to work or school and get a half-bath when they returned home after a long day.

In some cases, there are individuals who take a full bath twice (2) daily. According to some of them, they have the best sleep when they had a full bath before they hit the sack.

Many people cannot sleep well most especially when the weather temperature is warm so they would take a full bath to cool their bodies. However, there are also instances when the weather temperature is cold and there is a need for hot water.

Cold Water Vs. Hot Water Benefits in Taking a Bath

The temperature of the water that you would want would surely rely on the existing weather condition. Meanwhile, both cold water and hot water actually have benefits when taking a bath.

Based on a post on Live Healthy, using cold water when taking a bath prevents colds, tightens the skin, reduces mental tension, stimulates the immune system, and speeds up the body’s metabolism.

On the other side, using hot water when taking a bath reduces tiredness and headache, relaxes the muscles, relieves nasal congestion, opens the pores, and cleanses the skin.

When taking a bath, there is a proper on which parts of the body to wet first. It is recommended that you wet from bottom to top to avoid an instant spike in the blood.

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