Most Common Places To Get The Flu

Here are the most common places where you can get sick

Avoid these most common places that might give you the flu, especially during the holiday season when gatherings are plenty.

The festivity this time of the year gets many people excited. This is the time of the year when gatherings, reunions, and parties are being held more frequently than the other times of the year. With this, it is an advantage to be aware of the place you are going to in order to protect your health.

Based on the article in The Healthy, public transportation is one of the most common places where the virus can spread. Experts recommend wearing masks during the peak flu season. The risk can be lessened if you travel during off-peak hours.

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Schools and daycares are where the flu virus can spread easily. In these facilities, children have activities in which contact happens. To lessen the risk, educators and school personnel should regularly enforce hand washing, cleaning, disinfecting surfaces, and encouraging flu vaccinations.

You can also be prone to getting the flu in offices and workplaces. Sharing cubicles and rooms can add to faster possibility of getting the virus. The indoor does not allow fresh air exposure and this can weaken your immune system.

Hospitals and clinics are also on the list of the most common places to get the flu. These places are high-risk areas due to the concentration of sick individuals. Hand hygiene protocols, patient isolation, and staff vaccination are among the ways to minimize the spread of the virus.

It is most likely that you get the flu in shopping centers and malls. These kinds of establishments share common facilities like shopping carts and this can contribute to the spreading of the flu. Other places where flu can be spread easily are fitness centers and gyms, restaurants and cafes, airports and airplanes, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and community events and gatherings.

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