How To Keep Lungs Healthy? Here Are Important Reminders You Must Know…

Tips on How To Keep Lungs Healthy Amid the Many Factors that Can Affect Them

HOW TO KEEP LUNGS HEALTHY – Nowadays, keeping the lungs healthy is more challenging but it is achievable by considering the important tips.

Nowadays, more and more people realize that health is indeed health. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, the realization came after they were diagnosed with a certain health condition. It may or may not be too late but, whether you are experiencing something wrong now or none, it is the time to consider the important tips to remain healthy.

How To Keep Lungs Healthy
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Among the organs in the body that are at risk due to a lot of factors are the lungs. It can be damaged by the unhealthy habits like buying the stick and lighting it one after the other. Not having enough sleep at night is also not good for the lungs as well as living in a place filled with air pollution.

How to keep the lungs healthy? While it is not yet too late, consider these important reminders to save your lungs from being damaged or from further damage:

  • Eat Healthy. The heart and the lungs actually work together. Thus, a heart-healthy diet can greatly help in keeping your lungs perfectly functioning. Good nutrition also does not only help you breathe easier but as well as fight off germs. Make sure to have the following healthy foods in your plate:
    • Fresh vegetables like avocadoes, red and green peppers, tomatoes, and leafy green veggies
    • Fresh fruits such as oranges, berries, apple, and bananas
    • Healthy fats like olive oil and canola oil
    • Lean proteins like legumes, chicken, turkey eggs, fish and shellfish
    • Fiber-rich foods like barley, whole grain bread, nuts, seeds, baked potato with skin
  • Practice Deep Breathing. Doing this will not only make you feel good but it also exercises the muscles involved in the breathing.
  • Monitor your weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the ways on how to keep your lungs healthy. Carryinge extra weight pressures the lungs to work harder.
  • Keep the air inside your house clean. It is best to use air purifiers with filters and test your house for radon from time to time. Radon is a gas that can cause cancer.
  • Get vaccinated. While some people disregard it, having updated flu shots and vaccines really help. It can help protect your lungs from diseases most especially when you are in the most common places for flu.

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