Diarrhea in Children – Dr. Katrina Florcruz Reveals Causes & What To Do

Causes of Diarrhea in Children & What To Do According to Dr. Katrina Florcruz

DIARRHEA IN CHILDREN – Doctor Katrina Florcruz revealed the causes behind the loose bowel movement in children and what parents must do.

Undeniably, one of the common cases why parents bring their kids for a check-up to the doctor is diarrhea or loose bowel movement. Some cases were given medical attention right away so it was treated while others, unfortunately, led to other health problems like dehydration.

Although it appears common, diarrhea should not be taken for granted. The dehydration it can cause the body can lead to the lost of life.

In a video, a pediatrician, Dr. Katrina Florcruz, revealed the different causes of diarrhea in children including babies. She also cited some tips on what parents must do and avoid. According to the doctor, the following are the common causes of loose bowel movement:

  • because of virus like rotavirus
  • because of bacteria like salmonella
  • because of parasite like amoeba
  • due to medicine taken
  • due to food poisoning
  • due to food allergy like being lactose intolerant

One of the factors directly related to diarrhea is dehydration. Frequent trips to the comfort room increases its risk. Here are the signs showing that a child is dehydrated:

  1. Sunken fontanelle
  2. Few or no tears
  3. Dry mouth or tongue
  4. Sunken eyes and cheeks
  5. Decreased skin turgor
  6. Sunken abdomen

Based on the video of Dr. Katrina Florcruz, there are at least four (4) ways that you can do to stop diarrhea in children. You can give the child…

  • milk from the mother
  • oral dehydration solution
  • rice water
  • fruit juice with no sugar

Through the video, Dr. Florcruz advises avoiding sports drink for children with LBM. According to her, it is high in sugar and can lead to making the waste of the child more watery. She also suggested avoiding oily and creamy food and as well as chocolates and coffee.

What To Do To Avoid Diarrhea in Children and even Adults?

  1. Wash your hands often
  2. Drink clean water
  3. Cook the food well

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