DIARRHEA – Doc Willie & Liza Ong Explain What To Immediately Do

Doc Willie & Liza Ong Explain What To Do Immediately If You Have Diarrhea

DIARRHEA – Doctors Willie and Liza Ong explained what must be immediately done in case you are suffering from loose bowel movement.

Among the many health conditions that can affect a person, one of those that can really hamper your whole schedule for the day is diarrhea. It is also called as LBM – loose bowel movement.

Most people who are experiencing loose bowel movement prefer not to leave the house to avoid being caught in an unwanted situation. It is really risky as the bathroom may call you anytime in an instant. Also, this condition comes along with stomachache.

Aside from stomach pains, the risk in suffering from diarrhea is dehydration. In a video, Doc Willie Ong and Doc Liza Ong explained what must be immediately done to avoid being dehydrated.

According to the doctors, it is important to take an “Oral Rehydrating Solution” right away. Use it instead of drinking plain water. The following are the recommended glasses of oral rehydrating solution based on age:

  • Children two(2) to 10 years old – 1/2 to one(1) glass
  • Adults – four(4) to 8 glasses
  • Pregnant Women – 1/2 to one(1) glass

If you prefer a more affordable home remedy, you may add one(1) 1/2 tablespoon or two(2) tablespoons of sugar in a glass of water. Add 1/8 teaspoon salt and stir it. Use it as your drinking water.

In the video, Doc Willie and Doc Liza Ong explained the food that are best for people who are suffering from diarrhea. It is really important to eat even a little to avoid getting weak. You may consider:

  • soup
  • buko
  • yogurt
  • banana
  • tea
  • porridge
  • apple

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