COVID-19 Safety Tips: How To Protect Yourself If Someone In Your Home Has COVID-19?

What are the COVID-19 safety tips if someone in your home is infected?

COVID-19 SAFETY TIPS – Here’s what you must to in order to protect yourself if someone in your home is infected with the viral disease.

The Coronavirus Diseases 2019, also known as COVID-19 is a pandemic that hit the world early of 2020. It started in China in later year of 2019 and it created a scare worldwide as this highly-contagious viral disease has already taken a lot of lives.

COVID-19 Safety Tips

Restricted travel across places and public health protocols have been implemented for the safety of many people but still, the number of infected persons continue to rise. Now, given the situation that someone in your home has the virus, what must you do in order to protect yourself?

Check out some safety tips below:

  • Test yourself as soon as possible through COVID-19 PCR test. Another option is to quarantine yourself for 14 days and observe if you have any symptoms or none.
  • Everyone within the house must be in distance from the infected member. The one who has the disease must use a separate room to stay and a different bathroom as well.
  • Open your windows for the virus can stay around for several hours at a certain distance which can increase the possibility of infecting other people.
  • One main rule for everyone going everywhere: wear mask. This is also highly suggested if someone in your house is infected based on article from Health Line.
  • Wash your hands regularly as well as disinfect surfaces. The virus can stay in flat surfaces for many hours.
  • One way to combat infection is eating healthy as this can boost your metabolism. As per health authorities, persons with underlying health issues are more prone for severe COVID-19.


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