Healthy Diet: A Guide on Foods to Avoid For Clear Skin and Fewer Pimples

Here’s a healthy diet guide for a clear skin and fewer pimples.

HEALTHY DIET – Listed below are some of the foods we should avoid eating as much as possible in order to prevent pimples and acne.

Your genes and lifestyle affect your overall health including your skin health. Pimples and acnes are many people’s dilemma being among the most common skin conditions. However, with how we take care and handle ourselves, this can be prevented. And one way is through the foods we eat.

Healthy Diet

There are certain foods that can either reduce or worsen our skin condition and we surely wouldn’t like the latter.

Check out the foods that cause pimples and acnes:

  • Refined grains and sugar such as bread, crackers, cereal, desserts made with white flour, pasta made with white flour, white rice, rice noodles, sodas, and other sweetened drinks. This is because they have refined carbohydrates which causes acne and pimples.
  • Eating of fast foods regularly is associated to increased chances of having pimples because they are rich in calories, fat, and refined carbohydrates. Not only that, these unhealthy foods have corresponding effects to our overall health as well.
  • Chocolates ever since are associated to development of acnes but the reason why behind this is still unclear. However, eating dark chocolates could be a healthier option to control your acne.

Meanwhile, if you have foods to avoid, there are those that you must consider such as foods with Omega-3 fatty acids as they have anti-inflammatory properties and with probiotics. Green tea is also proven to reduce acne development for the polyphenols content they have that can lower sebum production.

As per article from Health Line, you cannot entirely avoid these foods but you can control yourself to consume those in moderation.


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