Benefits Of Okra Water In Lowering Blood Sugar Level

BENEFITS OF OKRA WATER – One of the many benefits of okra water is it helps lower the blood sugar level and it is because of this reason.

Frequent or ongoing high blood sugar levels can lead to other serious conditions. There are many reasons behind this and among the symptoms are headaches, blurred vision, frequent peeing, weight loss, and among others. This is how okra water can help in managing this.

How To Lower Blood Sugar Fast? Try This Using Okra!

Find out how to lower blood sugar fast through this vegetable!

HOW TO LOWER BLOOD SUGAR FAST – This is how you can make a drink using okra that will greatly help in lowering your blood sugar level.

Hyperglycemia or high blood sugar level comes with a lot of dangers. If this happens for a longer period of time (like lasting for months or years), this might damage several body parts like eyes, nerves, kidneys, and blood vessels.

There are several tips that can help naturally lower this such as healthy eating habits, an active lifestyle, getting quality sleep, and drinking a lot of water.

People who don’t have diabetes may silently suffer from this but some symptoms may occur. These symptoms are frequent urination, increased thirst, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting, fatigue, headache, and abdominal pain.

How To Lower Blood Sugar Fast, Okra Water
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Generally, the healthy levels are:

  • 4-7mmol/l before eating and under 8.5-9mmol/l two hours after a meal (if monitor yourself at home)
  • below 48mmol/mol or 6.5% on the older measurement scale (if tested every few months)

Some factors contribute to this like stress, eating too much, lack of exercise, dehydration, missing your meds if you have diabetes, certain medicines, and many others.

Now, how can okra help you lower this?

A study published in 2011 in the Journal of Pharmacy & BioAllied Sciences found significant effects in lowering blood glucose levels in diabetic mice. They are fed dried and ground okra peels and seeds. A gradual decrease was also noted when okra extract was given to them for 10 days.

It is said that the superior insoluble fiber found in okra is the reason behind its capacity to manage and stabilize blood glucose. Apart from this, this vegetable also has essential vitamins and minerals and powerful antioxidants.

How to make okra water to manage blood sugar levels?

Here’s how based on a post from NDTV:

  1. Take five medium-sized okra pods and clean them thoroughly.
  2. Take off the ends and split them in half.
  3. In a jar or tumbler, pour three cups of water and put the pods in.
  4. Soak it overnight and after that, take them and squeeze the water.
  5. Drink the water right after.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there’s only an increase in terms of diabetes diagnoses.


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