ALCOHOLIC DRINKS – Things You Must Know About This Beverage

What should you know about alcoholic drinks?

ALCOHOLIC DRINKS – Here are some of the most important things that you must know about alcoholic drinks before taking it up according to Doc Willie Ong.

In every occasion, drinking session is inevitable as means of enjoyment and a party wouldn’t be complete without it. Occasional drinking is okay but drinking too much to the point of already affecting your general health and body and doing it almost everyday is not okay anymore.

Check out these information below about drinking alcoholic drinks:

  • When drinking, know the limitation that won’t damage your body. Drink two glasses of wine or 2 shots of hard drink in a day. For ladies, drink half of how much was the suggested amount to drink everyday.
  • Effects to health:
    • Liver Diseases – Too much drinking will bring a harder job for the liver to work on your alcoholic intake and to process it inside the body. You might obtain alcoholic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis (a disease which is hard to be treated where it is a condition that causes irreversible scarring on the live).
    • Heart Diseases – Those who drink too much might likely to damage their heart health which can make one suffer irregular heart beating and heart attack.
    • Damages Brain Cellula – If you have been drinking for too long already, one might suffer of cellula reduction or brain cells reduction which is called Senile Dementia.
    • Cancer – Your drinking habit might give you cancer in mouth, throat, breast, liver, and colon.
    • Stomach Ache – Because this is where alcoholic drink passes through, it can cause gastritis and pancreatitis.
    • Handicap to Unborn Babies – Alcoholic drinks is strictly prohibited to pregnant women just because of the life developing inside their womb. Also, this type of beverage might have an effect to the growth of the baby.

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