Health Tips: List Of Foods You Must Not Eat Before Sleeping

Here are some sleeping and health tips you probably don’t know yet.

HEALTH TIPS – Here are some health tips regarding the kinds and types of foods you must avoid eating before bed in order to have a good rest.

A good sleep ranges from seven to nine hours but sometimes, most adults doesn’t get enough of this rest. We all know that sleeping is essential as it is our body’s way to recharge the energy which you will need for the next day.

Health Tips

Now, in eating dinner, there are some foods you should avoid eating in order to avoid sleeping problems and other dilemmas which ruins your good rest.

Now, here are the foods that you must not eat before sleeping:

  • Meat
    Avoid eating pork and beef as your body will suffer a hard time digesting this. Eat in small amount.
  • Ice cream
    A couple of scoops of an ice cream might be comforting most especially when you’re feeling down but this is loaded with which gives your body no chance to burn it while sleeping. Studies also have it that eating high-sugar foods before bed can cause nightmares.
  • Celery
    This one is the healthy but the fact that this is a natural diuretic makes it not good to eat before sleeping at night. Diuretic means you will have to pee more than usual.
  • Pasta
    This one is straight carbohydrates which will turn into fat if you’re going to eat this before your bed time. It has oils, cheese, and heavy cream or tomato sauces which will only contribute to your weight gain.
  • Pizza
    This is an all-time favorite snack of most people but shouldn’t be your ideal midnight snack as it has high levels of acidity due to its layer of tomato sauce and fatty and greasy toppings.
  • Garlic
    Along with spicy foods, aside from bad breath problems that comes from eating garlic, it has properties that can cause heartburn.


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