Why Drinking Orange Juice Before Sleeping Is Not A Good Idea

Reasons Why Drinking Orange Juice Before Sleeping Is Not Healthy

DRINKING ORANGE JUICE BEFORE SLEEPING – Are you fond of having a cup of orange juice before sleeping? There is a need to stop it.

To stay healthy, there are a lot of excellent options whether it is about food or drinks. Are you one of those who want to stay healthy by sticking to a healthy diet?

It is widely-known fact that vegetables and fruits are the healthiest that you can add to your diet. In fact, some people have started avoiding too much meat and replaced it with veggies and fruits.

Aside from putting the healthy food in your diet, it is important to check on the dietary requirements of your body based on your age. Make sure that your diet meets the nutrients needed by the body.

Drinking Orange Juice Before Sleeping

When it comes to drinks, soda which has hooked a lot of people is one of the drinks that are “unhealthy”. It contains a lot of sugar and may have various impacts on the health.

Water remains to be the safest drink. However, if you want something with a flavor, you may consider natural fruit juices. A lot of people like drinking orange juice.

Orange juice is a powerhouse of Vitamin C which can help boost the immunity of the body from diseases. It also contains potassium and folate that are healthy for the body.

However, drinking orange juice before sleeping is not a good idea. Based on an article on Delish, the orange juice is not a good pre-bedtime drink as it is acidic.

Whether you have acid reflux or not, drinking orange juice before sleeping at night might trigger hyperacidity in the stomach. It also contains a lot of sugar which can prevent you from falling asleep right away or achieving a quality sleep.

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