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Dried Fruit – Is This Good Or Bad?

Here are some things to know about dried fruit and how this can benefit the body.

Some say dried fruit is a nutritious and healthy snack, however, some say it’s not. Here are some details to know about this food.

How is dried fruit produced?

This is through removing all the water content of the fruit through the drying method. This process shrinks the fruit producing a small and energy-dense fruit. One of the most famous types of this is raisin – a dried grape that tastes really sweet.

Here are the best and most common types of this:

Dried Fruit
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If you want to get maximum health benefits, you may eat these high-protein fruits, and here’s a list of the best fruits for weight loss.

You may also check out these fruits low in sugar.

Dried mangoes, pineapples, cranberries, bananas, and apples oftentimes in candied form or sugarcoated.

Here are some facts about this kind of dried food:

  • It is loaded with micronutrients, fiber, and antioxidants. A piece has the same amount as the fresh ones but is smaller in size.
  • Some vitamins are reduced during the process of drying like vitamin C.
  • Consumption may reduce the risk of obesity and other serious health problems associated with this like stroke, heart disease, and high blood pressure.
  • Eating raisins provide powerful benefits and helps lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, and decrease inflammation.
  • Prunes are natural laxatives and are rich in fiber, potassium, beta-carotene (vitamin A), and vitamin K.

Check out the table below to see some of the fiber content of these:

ListFibre (g)
Dried apricots2.9
Dried figs3.7

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