Palpitate In Coffee – Here’s What A Study Has Said

Palpitate In Coffee

PALPITATE IN COFFEE – This is what certain studies said about the heart palpitations we feel that is said to be caused by drinking caffeine. Palpitations can occur due to many reasons and it is said that one of these reasons is drinking caffeine. However, results from certain studies show otherwise. Accordingly, caffeine-related palpitation is … Read more

Saline Solution: How To Make One At Home?

Saline Solution

What is a saline solution used for? This is how you make one at home! SALINE SOLUTION – These are the importance of a saline solution and this is how you make one at home! Find out what to prepare. A saline solution can be made at home. This is just a very simple solution … Read more

What Are Micronutrients? Here Are The Examples and Sources

What Are Micronutrients

WHAT ARE MICRONUTRIENTS – We all need enough nutrition to stay healthy and by saying this, we should get enough vitamins and minerals or micronutrients. Here’s what you need to know about micronutrients! First is knowing what they are and knowing the sources in order to know how to add them to your diet. Micronutrients … Read more

Citric Acid – What Do We Need Citric Acid For?

Citric Acid

Here are the reasons why we need citric acid! Find out the benefits below. CITRIC ACID – This is naturally found in citrus fruits and these are the health benefits of citric acid and where to get them. Citrus fruits naturally contain citric acid, a weak acid. The taste you get when you bite a … Read more

Sesame Oil Uses In Cooking – Is It Good For You?

Sesame Oil Uses

SESAME OIL USES – These are the many uses of sesame oil, the type of oil from sesame or Sesamum indicium. Find out below! In many dishes, sesame oil is used. It can be used for deep frying but never in sautéing anything. It can be also added to dressings and marinades. It is believed … Read more

Virgin Coconut Oil – What Are Its Benefits?

Virgin Coconut Oil

These are the benefits of virgin coconut oil including its uses. VIRGIN COCONUT OIL – Many people praise virgin coconut oil for its health benefits. Find out its benefits and uses below! Coconut oil is extracted from the fruit of the nut of the coconut palm. And this type of oil is composed of specific saturated fats … Read more

Heart Palpitations Symptoms – Here Are The Signs

Heart Palpitations Symptoms

HEART PALPITATIONS SYMPTOMS – Have you ever felt your heart racing or pounding? It must be palpitations and these are the symptoms of this. The sensation you feel racing, pounding, or fluttering in your chest is called palpitations and these are normal oftentimes. There are several causes for this and the treatment will be based … Read more

Macronutrients – What Are Macronutrients & Where To Get Them?

Here are some things to know about macronutrients and their sources. MACRONUTRIENTS – The nutrients that the body needs in large amounts are called macronutrients and they are the nutrients that give us energy. “Macros” or micronutrients are the nutrients that provide the body the energy it needs to function properly. In other words, they … Read more

Electrolyte Imbalance Causes – What Causes The Imbalance?

Electrolyte Imbalance Causes

ELECTROLYTE IMBALANCE CAUSES – These are the different factors and cases that can cause an imbalance in the body’s electrolyte levels. To ensure that you get enough electrolytes, you must consume foods and drinks rich in electrolytes. Foods like spinach, turkey, potatoes, beans, avocados, oranges, and many others have electrolytes. But take note of these factors … Read more

Micronutrients and Where To Get Them


Here are some facts about micronutrients and their sources. MICRONUTRIENTS – Micronutrients, often referred to as vitamins and minerals, are vital, and here are some facts about them and where to get them. What to know about micronutrients? Vitamins and minerals also called micronutrients play special roles in development, disease prevention, and overall well-being. Vitamins … Read more