Eye Problems & How To Treat These According To Doc Willie Ong

Eye Problems

Here are some certain eye problems and their remedies as per Doc Willie Ong. EYE PROBLEMS – Health expert Doc Willie Ong cites several eye problems many people commonly suffer and how to properly treat it. Never ever take your eyes for granted. Can you imagine being blind one day not seeing every color and … Read more

HEART HEALTH – What Are The Ways To Take Care Of Your Heart?

Heart Health

What you should know about heart health and how to keep this organ healthy. HEART HEALTH – Doc Willie Ong shares tips and ways in order to keep the heart, an essential organ of the body, in healthy state. The organ that pumps blood throughout the body circulatory system and supplies oxygen and nutrients to … Read more

FEVER REMEDY – Some Remedies To Treat A Person with Fever

Fever Remedy

Doc Willie Ong posts about fever remedy and how to treat a person suffering from this. FEVER REMEDY – Here are some effective remedies as advised and suggested by Doc Willie Ong to treat a person suffering from fever. Rainy season is already starting here in the Philippines and during this time, among the most … Read more

Iron Rich Foods: Kinds Of Foods That Anemic People Should Eat

Iron Rich Foods

Here are some iron rich foods that anemic people must eat. IRON RICH FOODS – People who has anemia must eat this type of foods rich in iron according to public health expert Doc Willie Ong. Anemia is accordingly a condition suffered by many people where a person “lacks enough healthy red blood cells (RBC) … Read more