Lower Cholesterol Level Naturally Through These Remedies

Lower Cholesterol Level

Here are some natural remedies to lower cholesterol level according to Doc Willie Ong. LOWER CHOLESTEROL LEVEL – Doc Willie Ong shares some effective remedies in order to lower your cholesterol level naturally. Cholesterol has a role to play for the body such as building healthy cells but too much of this has bad effects. … Read more

PIMPLE TREATMENT: Is Applying Vicks For Pimple Appropriate?

Pimple Treatment

Will applying vicks as pimple treatment on your face works effectively? PIMPLE TREATMENT – Vicks VapoRub is accordingly an effective treatment to shrink your pimple overnight, how true is this? Acne and pimple problems are a common dilemma to a lot of people. There has been a lot of factors causing this and through time, … Read more

Proper Hand Washing Can Prevent These 15 Types Of Disease

Proper Hand Washing

These diseases can be prevented through proper hand washing and by doing it regularly. PROPER HAND WASHING – Here are the 15 types of diseases we can avoid as regular proper hand washing can prevent them. Washing of your hands properly and regularly can ward of certain diseases coming from various viruses, germs, and bacteria. … Read more

Bell’s Palsy Treatment, Causes, Symptoms, and more about this condition

Bell's Palsy Treatment

Some of the important things you need to know about Bell’s Palsy treatment, causes, symptoms, and among others. BELL’S PALSY TREATMENT – Here are some of the significant details you might want to know about the condition called Bell’s Palsy. The condition where a person suffers temporary weakness or paralysis in the face is called … Read more

High Blood Pressure First Aid To Apply To Avoid Complications

High Blood Pressure

Doc Willie Ong on first aid for high blood pressured so as to avoid other complications. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE – This is what to do, according to Doc Willie Ong, if you encounter a person suffering from hypertension A lot of people have hypertension. This is a common condition where the blood pressure spikes up … Read more

Dark Underarms? Here Are Some Natural Ways To Whiten This

Dark Underarms

How to naturally whiten your dark underarms? Here are some tips from Doc Liza Ong. DARK UNDERARMS – Health expert Doc Liza Ong shares some natural and effective home remedies to whiten your dark underarms. Having dark underarms may not indicate serious health problems but this can be embarrassing. You want to wear that tank … Read more