COVID TIPS: REAL versus FAKE Facts, Doc Willie Ong Explains


MUST READ! Doc Willie Ong shares some COVID tips. COVID TIPS – Public health expert Doc Willie Ong shares to us some explanations and details about Coronavirus Disease 2019 tips. There are basic protective measures to avoid or prevent the spread of the highly contagious virus called Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19. There are hundred … Read more

Boost Immune System To Combat Coronavirus By Eating These Foods

Boost Immune System

Here are some healthy foods to boost immune system. BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM – Here are some foods that you must know to boost your immune system and have something for your body to combat virus. Coronavirus disease is at terrifying pace spreading to anyone and one way to combat and protect oneself is through boosting … Read more

COVID Home Remedy According To Doc Willie Ong

COVID Home Remedy

COVID home remedy and what to do if you have the symptoms. COVID HOME REMEDY – Health expert Doc Willie Ong shares to us what to do at home if we have some symptoms of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Coronavirus Disease 2019 is gradually spreading all around the world and in Philippines, there are already … Read more

Healthy Eating Tips To Prevent and Avoid Health Problems

Healthy Eating Tips

Here are some healthy eating tips according to Doc Willie Ong. HEALTHY EATING TIPS – Here are some healthy eating tips according to Doc Willie Ong in order to avoid certain health problems. For a healthy lifestyle, one must have a healthy eating tips. As the common statement indicates, “We are what we eat”. Physical … Read more

HEALTH TIPS – Reduce Stress Through These Effective Tips

Health Tips

Health tips to reduce stress. HEALTH TIPS – Amid the coronavirus scare, Doc Willie Ong shares some effective health tips reduce stress in order to prevent possible health problems. Stress have already become a part of a normal life but this doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t go away. Change is constant and in whatever situation … Read more

Common Health Beliefs Explained By Health Expert Doc Willie Ong

Common Health Beliefs

Here are some explained common health beliefs. COMMON HEALTH BELIEFS – Health expert Doc Willie Ong shared some of the most common health beliefs and revealed the truth behind it. As we grow up, we were introduced to many health beliefs that these beliefs have been passed already from a generation to another generation. However, … Read more

CORONAVIRUS TIPS – Doc Willie Ong Says Don’t Panic

Coronavirus Tips

Here are some coronavirus tips from Doc Willie Ong amid the outbreak. CORONAVIRUS TIPS – Doc Willie Ong shares some more and helpful tips amid the coronavirus outbreak and the declared public health emergency in the country. As of early morning of March 10, there are already 24 confirmed cases in the country and the … Read more

SAFETY TIPS – How To Stay Safe From Germs Of Dirty Money?

Safety Tips

Safety tips to avoid health problems from germs coming from money. SAFETY TIPS – Health expert Doc Willie Ong shared some important tips to stay safe when it comes to germs coming from dirty money. Money is just as valuable but this can be a major source of different types of germs, dirt, and viruses. … Read more