Maggots – What Is The Meaning Of Maggots and How To Get Rid Of Them?

This is the meaning of maggots and some tips on how to get rid of them that you should know.

MAGGOTS – The larval stage of a fly are maggots and they have no legs but have soft bodies. Here are some other things to know about a maggot.

The maggots that we commonly see in our house is the larval stage of common houseflies. They have a grey or creamy white color with soft bodies and have no legs. They are burrowers which means their head is pointed meant for digging.

Photo lifted from Live Science

They burrow their head to eat either live or rotting materials. Their trace leaves small holes. You can eat maggots by eating rotten foods. They also grow in improperly stored trash, excess dog feces, and animal carcass.

The female ones are attached to these unpleasant objects and this is where they lay their eggs. If a human happens to eat this, they may suffer from bacterial poisoning. It may also lead to fly infestations and cause sickness to your pets.

Aside from bacterial poisoning, one may also suffer from myiasis (an infection caused by the infestation on the living tissue of animals and humans), allergic reaction, and other health complications.

In a blog from Healthline, here are some ways to stop and prevent the growth of these insects:

  • Maintain cleanliness inside the house.
  • Make sure that your fruits, vegetables, and meats do not become breeding grounds. Store them properly.
  • Maintain order and neatness when it comes to your garbage. Make sure to take them out regularly.

In killing maggots in their eggs, you may spray insecticide or sprinkle them with salt. This way you can stop the infestation. There are a lot of ready-to-buy products already to kill them.


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