Sinusitis & Allergic Rhinitis – Their Causes & Symptoms

Doc Willie Ong, Doc Liza Ong & Doc Gim Dimaguila Cite Causes & Symptoms of Sinusitis & Allergic Rhinitis

SINUSITIS & ALLERGIC RHINITIS – Doctors Willie Ong, Liza Ong, and Gim Dimaguila cited the causes and symptoms of these health conditions.

Several health conditions are triggered by dusts – which can be present anywhere. Among these health problems are sinusitis and allergic rhinitis. Are you one of those who usually suffer from cold and cough?

Cold and cough are among the indicators of the said health conditions. These can be present to anyone regardless of age and gender. It is more common when there is a change in the weather condition.

In a video, Doc Willie Ong, Doc Liza Ong, and Doc Gim Dimaguila cited that sinusitis is actually a result of allergic rhinitis. The former refers to the blockage in the sinuses which is caused by inflammation due to the latter.

Sinusitis & Allergic Rhinitis

According to the doctors, there are four (4) pairs of sinuses – the frontal, the sphenoid, the maxillary, and the ethmoid. They got cavities and drainage system.

When there is a blockage due to the inflammation brought by allergic rhinitis, the liquid inside the sinuses build-up. It is where pain is coming from.

Based on the video, allergic rhinitis which cause sinusitis got no cure. It is triggered by allergens such as dust, cockroach hairs, and dust mites. It may also be caused by viruses or bacteria.

When caused by dust, dust mites, and cockroach hairs, it is chronic rhinitis. If the condition is caused by virus or bacteria, it is acute rhinitis.

Aside from cold and cough, allergic rhinitis may also be accompanied by headache. According to the doctors, this health condition can be passed on at 75% chance.

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