LUNG CYST & LUNG DISEASES – Dr. Willie Ong Discusses Symptoms

Dr. Willie Ong Discusses the Symptoms of Lung Cyst & Lung Diseases

LUNG CYST & LUNG DISEASES – Dr. Willie Ong discussed the symptoms and risk factors or causes of lung diseases including tuberculosis.

A lot of people have lung problems nowadays. These conditions do not exempt anyone. Whether you are a male or female, young or old, you can obtain it as it can be due to a lot of factors. It is only by being aware of its risk factors and avoiding them that we can escape from it.

Also, it is a big advantage to know about its symptoms. Early diagnosis always increases the chance of recovery and treatment.

Through a video posted on YouTube, Dr. Willie Ong and a pulmonary doctor discussed lung cyst and diseases which are very important topics as it can greatly benefit the public. The symptoms and causes or risk factors of these health conditions were cited.

Based on the video, the cyst are sacs of tissues in the lungs which have been filled by air. Usually, they are located outside the lung surface. They are more common in the lower part of the organ than the upper one. They don’t usually affect the functions of the organ.

With regards to lung diseases, they are health conditions leading to the improper functioning of the lungs. They include airway diseases like asthma, bronchiectasis, and COPD.

The lung cyst and diseases symptoms may appear alarming. Based on the video of Dr. Willie Ong, here is a list of the indications:

  • bleeding
  • water in the lungs
  • lump seen in the x-ray
  • coughing with phlegm or blood in phlegm

Usually, lung diseases are caused by unhealthy habits. It can also be due to the polluted areas around. One of the most common lung diseases is tuberculosis or TB. Here are the ways on how to prevent it based on the video:

  1. Stop the unhealthy habits
  2. Observe and go for a check-up in case the cough does not stop in two weeks
  3. Go for a check-up if you are experiencing unintentional weight loss and loss of appetite
  4. Do an annual x-ray

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