q Calamansi & Lemon Water - Doc Willie & Doc Liza Cites Myths and Facts

CALAMANSI & LEMON WATER – Doc Willie & Doc Liza Cites Myths and Facts

Myths and Facts About Calamansi & Lemon Water by Doc Willie and Doc Liza Ong

CALAMANSI & LEMON WATER – Doctors Willie and Liza Ong cited the myths and facts about these known healthy drinks.

It is undeniably a good thing that a lot of people are becoming health conscious nowadays. Many wanted to avoid the diseases that are currently affecting a lot of people. They include cancer, lung problems, and heart diseases.

In the pursuit to stay healthy, many individuals now consider healthy drinks over sweet frappes and shakes that can be bought anywhere. A lot of people add something healthy to their drinking water to gain more benefits.

Calamansi and lemon are two(2) of those that are usually added to water to make it healthier for the body. Through a video, Doc Willie and Doc Liza Ong cited that they may have both benefits and disadvantages and as well as myths and facts.

According to the doctors, both lemon and calamansi contain Vitamin C. It is necessary in boosting the immunity of the body against diseases. The former is also a good source of dietary fibers.


  • healthy for the stomach
  • contains antioxidants
  • no cholesterol
  • lemon helps the kidney through its citric acid content


  • not good for acidic persons as they may contain a lot of acid
  • can destroy the teeth

Myths and Facts

  • Myth – Lemon water is good for digestion.
    Fact – Lemon water does not affect digestion.
  • Myth – Lemon water can detoxify the body.
    Fact – Lemon contains a small amount of D-Limonene which activates liver enzymes that can help detoxify the body but you need a lot of this substance.
  • Myth – Lemon water helps you lose weight.
    Fact – Lemon contains pectin and polyphenols which can help you lose weight.

Based on the video of Doc Willie and Doc Liza Ong about lemon water and calamansi, six(6) pieces of the latter is equivalent to one(1) whole piece of the former. Only half of a lemon should be mixed in a liter of water. Too much of it can do more harm than good.

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